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Public Awareness

  • Increase public awareness about industry’s potential and contribution to Puerto Rico’s economy and job creation, focusing on four key audiences: (i) the public at large, (ii) government (Executive, Legislature and Mayors), (iii) press and opinion makers and (iv) key corporate stakeholders (banks, trade associations, etc.). 

  • Devise and promote comprehensive advocacy campaign before the public and key government stakeholders to ensure tourism becomes a priority for the economic development of the Island.


Destination Development 

  • Promote policies, with both public and private sectors, that encourages and fosters world-class tourism development at all levels, including the development of new products, experiences and service standards, and proper maintenance and refurbishment of old product, aiming to double tourism’s contribution to the island’s GDP.

Promotion of the Destination

  • Advocate for and ensure competitive levels of funding and effective promotion of various tourism sectors through Discover Puerto Rico and other programs, including:

    • Viajes de ocio

    • Viajes de Negocio 

    • Viajes de reuniones, incentivos, conferencias y exposiciones (MICE) 

    • Turismo interno

    • Eventos

    • Turismo de amigos y familiares de visita (VFR)

    • Nichos de turismo

    • Vive/Retírate en Puerto Rico


Destination Management 

  • Advocate for the strengthening and continuous improvement of the visitor economy ecosystem, in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and with special emphasis in the key areas of:

    • Safety and security

    • Air access and arrival experience

    • Health/Sanitation

    • Ground transportation

    • Workforce development and service standards

    • Cleanliness and beautification

The four pillars that govern the Puerto Rico Tourism Business Council are:


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